workforce metrics

track and follow the progress

Letter Grades

Florida's Reimagining Education and Career Help (REACH) Act, signed into law in 2021, enhances transparency and accountability in the workforce system through several measures, including assigning letter grades to the state's local workforce development boards. The grades are based on performance accountability metrics with a focus on the long-term self-sufficiency of participants served by local workforce development boards.

Board Performance

The Board Performance dashboard provides a visualization of the performance of each Local Workforce Development Board relative to their established goals.


The Funding dashboard is a breakdown of funding for each local board in relation to total state funding and is segmented into funding sources to see exactly where the dollars are allocated.

Barriers to Employment

The Barriers To Employment dashboard shows the most commonly seen barriers for each Local Workforce Development Board compared to the state average.


The CLIFF dashboard helps working families identify career strategies to achieve economic stability and prosperity while mitigating the impacts of loss of public assistance benefits.

Business & Workforce

Through state and local data, the Business & Workforce dashboard tells the story of how the CareerSource Florida network helps businesses grow and helps Floridians attain their career objectives.