Florida's Gig Economy Dashboard

In today's economy, the nature of work is changing rapidly, driven by advances in technology, evolving consumer markets and shifting preferences of workers. The terms gig, sharing or online economy are often used to describe the emerging market for temporary work arrangements that are enabled through online work marketplaces and web-based gig work platforms. Gig or independent work implies non-traditional work arrangements that are performed on an on-demand basis and may be temporary.

In 2018-2019, CareerSource Florida commissioned a comprehensive study on the potential impacts of the emerging gig economy on Florida's workforce system. This research led to the creation of resources to provide access to state and national workforce, education and entrepreneurial information for gig workers and statistics to illustrate gig economy activity in Florida at the state, local workforce development area and county level. The Gig Economy Dashboard summarizes data from national sources including the U.S. Census Bureau and the Internal Revenue Service and provides an analysis of the pre-pandemic growth of gig work in Florida by county and industry.

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